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More than just a site! Speak and lunch is a community hungry for knowledge and eager to share it. Our world is getting smaller and borders are slowly disappearing, cultures are mixing. It is not enough to share the same streets or the same office space anymore! It has become urgent to speak different languages at ease in order to get more out of any interaction with our entourage. Whether you are an expat living in a big city, or just about to travel in a beautiful new country, or have met your other half which happens "not" to speak one of the languages you do, or simply because you still cannot believe you have forgotten all the spanish you learned at school... there's one thing we all have in common: we want to speak more languages! No matter the reason, it's your aim to learn and share that matters.

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First you need to register with speak and lunch and fill in your profile.

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Then you can look for a lunch buddy using our language filters.

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Once you have found a person that matches your linguistic skills, you send a contact request with your message.

4. Lunch/Skype

Once you have found a person that matches your linguistic skills, you send a contact request with your message to schedule a lunch or a skype meeting


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Company Groups

Imagine we can practice our skills with each other!

Speakandlunch is a great way to help employees practice their linguistic skills! Companies can now create a private group ( where their employees can contact each other and practice french or english or spanish during their lunch time at the cafeteria of the company or at a restaurant close by. Offering the possibility to speakandlunch at your company becomes an additional support to the language classes one may take. Results are seen faster and the members of the group not only practice a language, but also get familiar with words and expressions related to their area of expertise. To create private group for your company, please contact us at info@speakandlunch.com

Speak & Skype at the Office

Sometimes it's not easy to meet up! Why should it be a problem? At speakandluch.com we have thought of adding a skype feature in order to help you in finding the perfect speaking buddy. Therefore, if the language you're interested in is not available in your city, or if you travel a lot and are unable to schedule a lunch... you can still practice your language skills via skype. Employees from different cities can now join forces and help each other to add value to their skills. For example Tom from the London office can now practice french with Paul from the Paris office. it's that easy!



in the news

The Company Support Program has started!

Here are a list of companies who help us develop and promote speakandlunch.

New University group

New poly-company group in the "La Côte" area!

Holmes Place

Holmes Place has now its own private group!

July 2015


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Tribune de Genève

Apprendre une langue en déjeunant avec un inconu. Un réseau social propose de baragouiner une langue étrangère autour d'une assiètte. Une idée brillante!

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